Each stone, each mineral, is said to possess unique properties that can have meaningful impact in your daily life. Now, whether you fully believe in those powers, or not, we’ve compiled here a list of all the stones we’ve used in making our creations, as well as their ascribed powers and abilities, all easily indexed for further referral. A sort of compendium, as it were, of natural stones properties.

This information is obviously provided uniquely for entertainment purposes only. In other words, if your results vary from those described below, well, don’t blame us! 😉

Agate (Black)

Black agate is an excellent stone to wear when a woman expects a baby – it protects new life and prevents any bad luck. It also helps pregnant women during tough periods of pregnancy, especially when they experience dizziness and sickness. Generally speaking, agate is said to eliminate danger. It is also said to be beneficial regarding bones and joints problems, as well as neck pains. Black agate is largely used to treat headaches and migraines. Just place an agate stone where you experience pain, and it should relieve it. Also, stomach pain and gastritis can be relived if you regularly wear agate. If you have nightmares, agate will help you get rid of them. If you have sleepwalking problems, agate is your stone, as it prevents sleepwalking. If you are in front of a computer all the time, look for 5 to 10 minutes at an agate stone, and it will relax your eye muscles. Stuck in 2 or 3 jobs and have lots of commitments? Agate will help you manage your life and time!

Black agate is thought to help journalists and writers in their work, as it makes it easier for people to express their thoughts. It is also useful in order to prevent car accidents. This stone is said to help cooks, dancers, dentists, policemen and teachers in their hard work. Agate also cleanses all bad aura and bad energy, and transforms it into good ones. It also helps people make important decisions, as it gives them the ability to clearly see all the cons and pros. So, if you are about to accept a new job offer, or your boyfriend’s proposal, and you are not sure about one or another, wear agate and it will help you make the right decision!

Agate (Dark Blue)

Agate (Dark Green)

Dark green agate helps people live their life to their full potential. If you need to move on and are incapable of doing so, this stone may bring you all the necessary energy! It is thought to heal broken-hearted people, so if you’re currently going through the drama of a break-up, you may need dark agate’s help! Are you a writer experiencing writer’s block? Green agate is said to be sort of a writer’s talisman! This stone is also said to lessen people’s fears, so if you are anxious all the time about something, green agate may help you relieve your constant stress and keep your fears at bay. Dark green agate is said to be beneficial to people who went through surgery, as it helps them regain their forces.


Chrysocolla is said to help those who have anxiety and other psychological disorders. It is said to be very beneficial to pregnant women who are worried about their motherhood and baby’s health. Also, anyone suffering from blood problems, lung disorders or high sugar levels may benefit from wearing this stone. Chrysocolla is said to come in handy to people who constantly need to speak in public, as it gives them confidence, be they teachers, musicians, TV anchors, journalists, lawyers, etc. This stone is said to develop your intuition, so you should be less likely to make mistakes when making important life decisions. Chrysocolla also helps people express themselves in a coherent, structured way, meaning that it helps those who tend to speak without thinking. If you have thymus and thyroid glands’ problems, you need to wear this stone not far from your throat.


Garnet is said to help chase away toxins from your body, and increase metabolism. Garnet is also thought to be beneficial to depressed people and all those who have backaches. This stone attracts money and success, so it is recommended for businessmen and businesswomen. If you dream of something big, may it be getting a lot of money, starting a new successful project or becoming famous, this stone is for you. It is said to help those suffering from brain cancers and anemia. Garnet also protects its owner, and this stone is thus good for travellers and adventurers. If you feel weak and not efficient, garnet will give you tons of positive energy!

Jade (Blue)

Blue jade represents peace and serenity. If you wear it often, it will surely help you restore your inner equilibrium. It also encourages creativity, so I will definitely make sure to wear it while creating jewelry 🙂 Blue jade is said to help couples that argue all the time, as it resolves and even prevents, conflict situations. I once knew a lawyer who always had a blue jade stone in her purse, as it is also believed that blue jade helps lawyers and other people win their litigations ! But lawyers are not the only ones for whom a blue jade might come in handy. It also helps doctors and nurses !

As to blue jade’s healing properties, it helps treat arthritis and asthma, and it is said to soothe cardiac rhythm. It is an excellent stone for meditation, as it calms the mind. If you are constantly under stress, this is the stone for you !

Jade (Green)

Green jade is very soothing for the nervous system. If you’ve had a bad day or are freaking out about something that is about to happen, just keep looking at it, and it will calm you down. It is also believed that green jade help those who always feel guilty of something. Also, if you would like to start a new project in life, green jade will help you accomplish it, as it truly serves the dreams and ambitions of its owner! If you still haven’t figured out what you want to do in life, jade should help you discover your true calling, and even show you a path towards what you want to do. It is also believed that jade attracts good fortune, and it is said to bring happiness in life and in business. Last but not least, jade is thought to be beneficial when both men and women experience reproductive problems. It also helps to recover from plastic surgeries.

Jade (Yellow)

Yellow jade is said to bring energy and joy to its owner. It also brings wisdom, and inner tranquillity. Just like the tiger-eye stone that protects travelers from misadventures, yellow jade protects everyone from harm or harmful events in everyday life and especially during trips. Another property of yellow jade is intimately connected to our feelings: it helps people release their emotions. If you are afraid of the evil eye, wear yellow jade and it will protect you from your enemies! Yellow jade also helps with heart, kidney or liver problems. It is also believed that yellow jade helps people who have digestion problems. Some even think that yellow jade helps diminish muscle spasms. It can also eradicate constant fatigue you may be experiencing, and encourages metabolism.


Jasper is good for stress relief ! It can also bring tranquility to your life. If you want to stop bad habits but miss the discipline and perseverance required to do so, jasper stones are said to be very useful. They are also useful in chasing away nightmares and bad thoughts! Jasper brings protection to its owners, especially when they travel. Jasper is said to help people who live drama and who need to be healed physically and emotionally. Jasper is also thought to be beneficial to those who suffer from kidney or liver problems, and people suffering from epilepsy.

Lapis Lazuli

If you have insomnia, lapis lazuli is your stone, as it is said to help people having sleep disorder. Sore throats, ear pain and nasal problems can also be relieved if you constantly wear lapis lazuli. This stone is known for its abilities to reduce stress. It is also said to lower blood pressure, and is beneficial if you have blood circulation issues. People who cannot concentrate or have attention deficit disorder or hyperactivity should think about wearing this stone, as it should help cope with the symptoms and relieve them. If you lost memory or have trouble remembering things, lapis lazuli is said to help you remember! If you experience communication issues at time and are socially awkward, this stone is thought to be able to make you at ease. If you suffer from migraines, place this stone over your eyes, and it may be able to bring relief! This stone is said to transform negative energy into positive one, and if this stone detects that someone wants to hurt you, it will protect you. In fact, if the stone detects somebody’s negative thoughts and plans regarding you or your life, it will simply block them and you won’t feel any evil eye or anything like that. The scariest thing about this stone is its ability to detect your enemies and cause them harm. If your enemies plot something against you, whatever they plot will happen to them, not to you. It should also bring you tons of good energy, and can make your days quite productive!


Pearls symbolize purity, integrity, and loyalty. If you want to get pregnant, this stone might help you, as it is said that it aids fertility. It also eases childbirth, so don’t forget to take it to labor ! Pearls are believed to help ear diseases, as well as digestive problems. These stones are also helpful for the kidneys, liver, urinary tract and heart. They can also apparently protect their owners from the evil eye. Finally, if you want to break free of something that makes you angry or tired, pearls should give you enough courage to do so !

Black pearls are considered as being a symbol of wisdom, and they protect their owner from negative energy.


Pyrite encourages leadership abilities, much like the colour red. So, imagine what a leader you’ll make if you wear red tassel earrings with pyrite stone! Pyrite is said to protect its owner from any harm. It helps prevent intellectual fatigue, and relaxes the nervous system, as it is thought that pyrite is capable of stimulating blood flow to your brain! If you have concentration problems, pyrite can help you concentrate. It is thought to be beneficial to those who have skin diseases. Pyrite also relieves stress and anxiety. If you wear pyrite stone during your next yoga session, it should grant you tons of positive energy and help you get rid of negative one. This stone particularly protects cooks, chefs, bakers, students and firemen. Pyrite is said to bring good luck to your business and other projects. It also attracts material goods. If you feel emotionally dependent on someone who is manipulative, you need to wear this stone, as it will boost your willpower.

Quartz (Clear)

Clear quartz is only for good people. If you wish that something bad happens to a particular person or you want revenge, this stone may bring you a lot of harm. In order to be able to have this stone, you need to be in harmony with yourself and others, you shouldn’t be jealous about other people’s success or be mean to them. If you believe in the hidden meaning of dreams, clear quartz will help you remember them, so it will be easier for you to understand what’s about to happen to you (some people believe that dreams can predict our future). This stone also helps develop predictive capacities. If you want to clean your organism, you should wear this stone as it is said to eliminate toxins. Clear quartz is said to help cure digestive problems, diarrhea, and kidney dysfunction. Skin problems and burns are relieved if you are in contact with the stone. If you are an impulsive person, clear quartz can teach you patience! Clear quartz is also rumored to people learn new languages and better understand other cultures. It pushes your mind and body off the limits, so you may succeed in everything you wish for if you wear this stone.

Quartz (Green)

This stone is said to help boost one’s chances in everything he should wish to accomplish, may it be a job interview, an important meeting or a date with a special someone. This stone brings lots of opportunities, and most importantly – you don’t have to wear it constantly, you can just touch it from time to time, and it will have its desired effect on you. If you have little children, this stone may be good for them, as it increases their physical and mental capacities and ensures their development is on time. They don’t even need to wear it – if you wear this stone, it will be enough for them. Hyperactive people should also be interested in this stone, as it is also known to appease the restless. This stone is said to be beneficial to those suffering from psoriasis, eczema, acne and other skin-related diseases or problems. People looking for real love should wear this stone, as it is said to attract love, not trivial dates mind you, but true love. People who have heart issues or who are recovering from various operations would also be well advised to look into this stone, as it is particularly helpful in these areas. If you suffer from severe migraines, this is your stone. Also, if you are struggling with a high-cholesterol level, this stone is for you. If you lack self-confidence, you should wear aventurine, as it brings joy, optimism and confidence in your life. This stone is also said to release stress and anxiety. Want to have more money? It is believed that aventurine attracts it!

Quartz (Pink)

Pink quartz is said to attract love and strengthen existing romantic relationships. It can also equally positively impact relationships with friends, relatives, girlfriends and boyfriends. If you put this stone under your pillow, you’ll sleep well and your dreams will be beautiful and pleasant. Not only does it chase away nightmares, but it also attracts good thoughts and positive images. If you or your child are afraid to sleep with no lights on, pink quartz is said to help you cope with your fears of darkness. Tired of all those people who badmouth about you? This stone will protect you against gossip and the evil eye. If your heart beats too fast, too slowly, or if you experience heart palpitations, pink quartz is said to help restore a normal heart beat, if you wear it next to your chest. Women having reproductive problems will also benefit from wearing this stone. If there is a toxic atmosphere in your home, place this stone in the room where people spend more time, and soon you’ll realize that everything changed for the better.

Quartz (Purple)

Amethyst is a semi-precious stone that particularly assists all those who work in creative fields and rely on their imagination. Designers, project managers, writers, painters, and other creative professionals should definitely have this stone in their pocket or on them. This stone is also beneficial to businessmen, as it calms down their minds through negotiations and helps them see things clearly and rationally. People having gambling problems, alcohol or drug addiction, should think about wearing amethyst, as this stone is said to cure addictions. Amethyst is said to eliminate negative energy in people and places, so if you move to a new house, you should place this stone somewhere inside, in order to make sure that all the negative things that happened there disappear and that you won’t feel any negative aura. This stone is good for people who constantly worry about something, and who are paranoid about their health or other issues. Also, if you or your kids tend to have nightmares, put this stone under your (or their) pillow, as it is said to chase away bad dreams, bad thoughts and fears. Amethyst is also said to make it easier to cope up with the death of someone you loved.

Quartz (Yellow)

If you experience lack of money, or need money urgently, yellow quartz is said to attract it. If you need to make an important decision, this stone is thought to make the decision-making process fast and rational. Yellow quartz is beneficial to those suffering from diabetes, and it is also useful for those who try to eradicate a bad habit, like smoking or drinking. This necklace would be a great gift for someone who just went through surgery, as it helps to recover. This stone helps people who lack confidence and who are always in self-doubt. If you have negative thoughts or are constantly under stress, this stone is said to be beneficial. Cannot focus on your personal goals and spend too much time doing nothing or nothing useful? Yellow quartz is for you then 🙂


This stone is said to help you attain your goals and ideals. It will help you discover your own nature, and live up to your own moral standards. Sodalite also helps people develop their intuition and rational thinking. It is also beneficial to those who need to communicate different ideas to people, such as teachers.


Turquoise is believed to be beneficial to people who tend to panic, and are constantly very anxious. For example, turquoise is said to calm the nerves of those who suffer from aerophobia and claustrophobia. This stone is also thought to be helpful to people having allergies and lung problems. Turquoise is an ideal stone for psychologists and those who often communicate with others through their jobs. It is also useful for those who are afraid to speak in public, as turquoise is said to give them confidence. Some say that the turquoise stone can even heal eye and stomach problems. If this stone changes colour, it means that your health is deteriorating…. This stone is said to bring tons of luck and money to the person that wears it.


This stone is good for creators, designers, businessman/businesswomen, and all those people who are constantly searching for original ideas and projects. Not only does it help you develop interesting ideas, it can also protect you from harm and negative energy. Hematite is said to bring self-confidence to people who desperately need it. Skin regeneration is another characteristic of hematite, so people who want to have better skin should wear it. My O Clone earrings are also made of hematite stone (and green jade)! So check them out.

Tiger Eye

First of all, tiger eye lowers high blood pressure and helps those who constantly have sore throats! Second, it is beneficial to those who suffer from psoriasis (I’m one of those people, so I will definitely have to add this stone into my jewelry-box). Third, it is said to stop eye vision deterioration (and who doesn’t want that?). Fourth, it is beneficial for those suffering from asthma. And, importantly, it gives you a lot of energy! So, if you know someone who has one of those needs, this pair of earrings would make an excellent gift. I’m currently working on a bracelet for men, composed of tiger eye stones, so men will be able to improve their health (and eyesight), too!

Do you have a friend that likes to wear rose glasses and lives in illusions? Tiger eye can help him or her see things as they truly are. Are you or your husband/wife travelling a lot? This stone is said to protect those who go on trips and journeys. Want to have more money? Then don’t forget to bring a tiger eye stone and place it somewhere at home. Also, just like green jade, tiger eye is perfect for people starting out new things in life. If you are afraid to speak in public, just put on these tiger eye earrings, and they will give you enough confidence! Tiger eye is thought to be helpful during difficult exams and work meetings. Those who want to give up smoking or drinking should constantly wear a tiger eye stone, as it is said to strengthen willpower. If you want to lose weight, this stone is also for you, since it blocks your cravings for junk food (or other empty calories)! I will give these earrings to my mum, as she has hormone issues, and tiger eye is said to bring people’s hormones to a normal level!