How to launch an eBusiness from the ground up.

Hello everyone.

Let me introduce myself quickly here. As you problably already know by now (since you’re browsing our site), my wife and I launched a jewelry eCommerce platform recently to sell her handmade creations. Alla obviously handles all design and manufacture tasks (though I sometimes help with the clasps), while I am in charge of that whole eCommerce, eMarketing, Growth Hacking part of the equation… Handmade jewelry, sold exclusively online. Being a Jack of All Trades (you know the rest), I learned a few things on the go, but we are pretty satisfied with the end result…

I figured I would let you in on this adventure by popping open the hood and showing you the nuts and bolts (if that is your cup of it). So without further ado, here’s what I have used so far to get this puppy running smoothly:

  • CMS : WordPress (I know, it’s not really a CMS, more of a blog platform, but I can’t believe just how much it’s grown as a full-fledged CMS in the past few years;
  • Theme: Enfold (this theme will only set you back about 59 USD on Themeforest, and it rocks. Easy to configure, fully-supported, intuitive, and plays well with WooCommerce – see below)
  • eCommerce Platform: WooCommerce (100% free, made for WordPress, fully customizable, what’s not to like?);
  • Hosting: GoDaddy (reliable, inexpensive hosting. Alright, the interface is a bit confusing, but once you know your way around, and they don’t change it while you’re away, you should be fine. Also acts as a reliable Certificate Authority for that indispensable SSL line – see Stripe below);
  • Credit Card Payments: Stripe (no setup fees, takes a reasonable percentage of all transactions, you can be up and running and accept Visa and MasterCard in no time at all. Requires an SSL connection to start accepting payments, but you can fool around in test mode first, to get your feet wet before diving in);
  • eMarketing: We’ve tried both AdWords and Instagram/Facebook, but truth be told, we’ve had much more success with Instagram/Facebook than Adwords so far… In both cases, we use the suite of tools from Google and Facebook directly, no third party app;
  • Growth Hacking: Haven’t much of that yet, truth be told, but that’s the next avenue we’re exploring… I am on the market for any solution that would allow us to track who’s shared our site with whom, in order to run contests and such and try and get a lil’ virality going, know what I am saying’?.

So that’s pretty much it for now… I will most likely write a post here and there on the marketing aspect of things, to spice things up, while Alla will obviously keep blogging about fashion and all that fun stuff.

Thank you,


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