Welcome to my handmade jewelry blog! Here I will be discussing a variety of subjects that gravitate around my craft, such as fashion, travel, jewelry, arts and craft and culture. I might also let my marketing expert (and husband) pen a post or two about the nuts and bolts of running a fashion-oriented eCommerce site. So stay tuned for more!


Top 7 places in the world to find inspiration for creating handmade jewelry

Picture of a set of Unikgemz Colonial Earrings lying in the sand on a Caribbean beach in Cuba.

Inspiration is a fickle mistress. It comes and goes as it likes, and remains pretty much impossible to pin down. It is always possible, though, to put oneself in environments where the Muse is likelier to strike, and this holds true for any artistic endeavor, from painting to writing the next best-seller or single radio […]


Men’s Handmade Jewelry Summer Collection – The Mountaineer Bracelet

Introducing The Mountaineer, the latest addition in our men’s handmade jewelry summer collection. The Mountaineer is made of braided black and white leather strips, reminiscent of the climbing ropes favored by mountaineers the world over. It is closed by a clever rod-and-ring mechanism that ensures it will stay put no matter how gnarly the conditions […]


The Colonial Collection of Handmade Jewelry

Beautifully handmade blue jade and pearls earrings with Sterling silver hooks, perfect to hit the beach in style or those hot summer nights.

In this entry we will go behind the scenes to take a closer look at the creative process behind the creation of some of Alla’s most popular pieces, the Colonial Collection. As a jewelry artist, Alla often finds inspiration in her travels around the world, creating certain pieces to remind her of places she particularly […]

Men’s Summer Collection Preview – Introducing the Buccaneer Bracelet

Bracelet for Men made from Entwined Leather Strips and Copper Endings.

With the fair season nearly upon us, and the fifth opus of the Pirates of the Caribbean opening, what better time indeed to talk summer jewelry for men! Jack Sparrow is definitely not one to shy away from a little bit of added color and personality, and neither should you, really! The first piece we’d […]

How to launch an eBusiness from the ground up.

Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself quickly here. As you problably already know by now (since you’re browsing our site), my wife and I launched a jewelry eCommerce platform recently to sell her handmade creations. Alla obviously handles all design and manufacture tasks (though I sometimes help with the clasps), while I am in charge […]


Looking for that perfect red lipstick?

I’ve spent quite a bit of time searching for THE perfect red lipstick. My main concern was that all the lipsticks that I have ever used never seemed to last at all. I remember paying hundreds of dollars for expensive labels that promised miracles but couldn’t deliver the goods after all. On a whim, I decided to buy an […]


The Beacon Hotel – an independant review

We had a chance to stay at the Beacon Hotel in New York City, and I would like to share with you our impressions. I’m not paid for this post, and you can be assured that I’ll tell you everything as it is. First of all, you should know that the Beacon Hotel is situated […]