Looking for that perfect red lipstick?

I’ve spent quite a bit of time searching for THE perfect red lipstick. My main concern was that all the lipsticks that I have ever used never seemed to last at all. I remember paying hundreds of dollars for expensive labels that promised miracles but couldn’t deliver the goods after all. On a whim, I decided to buy an affordable lipstick on Amazon, from a company I had never heard of before: NYX. When I first tried it, I was extremely surprised! It set me back only about 12 CAD, but it really makes a huge difference. It stays on the lips for hours! You can eat and drink many times a day, but it will stay put for a long time. It doesn’t dry the lips either (maybe in winter you need to put chopstick first, but that’s it).

Here is the name of my favourite colour: NYX Cosmetics Butter Lipstick Big Cherry. Try it for yourself !

P.S. I have mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: no one is paying me for my posts, I am only expressing my opinions 🙂


The Beacon Hotel – an independant review

We had a chance to stay at the Beacon Hotel in New York City, and I would like to share with you our impressions. I’m not paid for this post, and you can be assured that I’ll tell you everything as it is.

First of all, you should know that the Beacon Hotel is situated on the Upper West Side in a VERY rich neighbourhood, very close to Central Park. There is a subway station (72nd Street on the Red Line) just 100 meters from the hotel, which makes the place easily accessible. However, you should also bear in mind that if you have heavy luggage (like we did), it is highly recommended to take a cab at the airport (which would cost you around 60 US + tips). Why? Well, elevators are few and far between on the NYC subway system, and the stairs are narrow. My husband practically killed his back transporting our luggage. Of course, if you travel on a budget, subway remains the way to go. Just make sure you get off at 72nd Street. Also, if you come from the airport, you need first to take the Airtrain, get off at Jamaica station, and then make a change at 42nd street before heading to 72nd Street. It will cost you around 7-8 US.

We booked a king-bedroom suite. I think I have never stayed in such a marvellous place (except maybe for our favourite hotel in Cuba, the Colonial, which will also be the subject of a future post)! The room was quite spacious, and our sofa and bed were both very comfortable. We slept truly well! My mother is a light-sleeper, and she can usually hear everything that is happening in a 100 meters radius (including in other rooms), but she says she didn’t hear anything at all. We were on the 15th floor, room 1514.

The included kitchenette is also praiseworthy! It came fully stocked with numerous plates, glasses, cups, knives, pots, frying pans, forks and spoons! If you need anything else, you can ask for it at the reception. I remember they also had large salad bowls, additional dishes, and other kitchenware available on demand. I’ve spotted a toaster, but we haven’t used it. Also, there is a kettle that we used pretty often. It spilled water, but no big deal! The fridge is pretty big, and there is even a microwave, and a gas stove. We didn’t use the stove, but we used the elements on top quite a bit, and they performed very well indeed! All in all, the kitchenette is very well equipped, and you don’t need to go to cafés or restaurants, which is very convenient for families!

It bears pointing out that there is a great grocery store/market just in front of the hotel, part of the Fairway Market chain, and I kid you not – you can buy everything there (you should definitely try their lightly-salted mozzarella cheese!!!!).  I think we ate only twice outside the room (I will write another post about affordable NYC cafés soon).

There is obviously an iron in the room, as well as an ironing board. You can also find plenty of space in the wardrobes. Both rooms had a TV set hooked to cable and a gazillion stations, and separate air-conditioning systems, over which we had complete control.

I should also mention our perfect view! We could see the Eldorado of Central Park!

The staff of the hotel was very friendly and competent. We’ll surely stay again at this great hotel!

Also, I should say that you need to book this hotel in advance in order to get competitive pricing. The hotel may seem expensive, but the you get an ideal location on Manhattan, your own kitchen, and tranquillity! I would not recommend staying in the Times Square area (unless you like noise and parties)!

Those who like fashion, should make sure to drop by the Centrury 21 store very close to the hotel! I bought a lot of things there, but didn’t spend a lot.

If you have questions about our stay at this hotel, feel free to ask!