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Everything is handmade
with love in Canada

Welcome to my handmade jewelry site!

Made with Pearls and Semi-Precious stones

My name is Alla and I live in Montreal, Canada. I’m a law graduate who got this not-so-typical for a lawyer idea to launch my own business in… making jewelry! Why jewelry, you may ask? Well, I have always wanted to add a bit of creativity to my life, to spice it up a little bit so to speak, and jewelry is something that I have always found particularly fascinating. Not only can it be attractive and help us express our style, but it can also bring something new in our existence, since it has been considered for centuries that each natural stone has its own mystical properties that can change your life.

Want to improve your health? Opt for agate then. Tired of stress? Why not wear pearls! I’ll soon write a whole  section about each stone’s properties, so don’t forget to read the description before ordering. If you don’t believe in stones’ magic, you can still enjoy the pure aesthetics properties of our pieces, and nobody will be judging you 😉 Also bear in mind that the stones’ properties are provided for entertainment purposes only, and thus are left to your discretion…

All our pieces are proudly handmade (by me!) in Canada. I find inspiration for my pieces mostly while traveling around the world, visiting cities and meeting people. I then design each individual piece of jewelry, and put them together by hand using simple tools, such as pliers and needles, as required. I work with semi-precious stones, quality thread, and Sterling silver.